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2024 Bridal Hair & Makeup Trend Predictions

Makeup trends are ever changing, and it's no doubt 2024 is coming in HOT! 2023 saw a movement in monochromatic accents named after foods (think Latte makeup / Hailey Bieber Strawberry look) an ICONIC Barbie moment, and the domination of the 'clean girl' aesthetic. As for trends in 2024, I think we will continue to see the fresh faced, radiant looks, featuring neutrals, although I believe we're going to be adding a wee bit of spice to take them to the next level! Caked makeup, paired with a dramatic lash are taking a back seat, at least for a few seasons. The 'less is more' approach using half strip lashes, hydrating skincare and a flawless complexion are here to stay! Helloooo glowing décolletage! Another TIK TOK trend you've probably seen is 'Red Nail Theory'. From the bottom of your shoes, to the boldest red lips, I personally think we are going to see a lot more red incorporated into bridal styling. Pair a red lip with Hollywood waves and you have the perfect timeless look. Lastly, 'Balletcore' I think this is going to be one of the biggest trends to hit social media in 2024, (think Sofia Richie, Margot Robbie) it's the perfect 'soft girl' youthful look. Rosy blushed cheeks, pink accents and hair accessories like bows and ribbons. I predict the come back of sleek ballerina buns to complete this effortlessly chic style. Let me know your thoughts on the upcoming Hair & Makeup trends of 2024 in the comments below! Bethany x *I do not own the rights to any Pinterest photos used in this blog*

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