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The Ultimate Wedding Day Makeup Essentials Checklist for Brides

Updated: Jan 12

Hiring a professional makeup artist will ensure longevity, meaning you will look incredible from the minute your bridal makeup look is complete, alllll the way to dancing the night away! However, here are a few items I recommend having with you at the venue for any necessary touch-ups you may need throughout the day!

LIPPY - From that all-important kiss to drinking champagne, even the strongest of lipsticks will wear off during your wedding day! Lipstick is an essential item for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

PRESSED POWDER - While I LOVE a “bridal glow” on your wedding day, you don’t want to end up looking shiny. A pressed powder is essential for your wedding day touch-ups, especially for us oily gals! It’s important to keep this under control on your wedding day to ensure you stay picture perfect!

HUUUR GRIPS - Having a few extra grips in your bag can be useful for any annoying strands of hair that may need a helping hand to get back into place! Make sure you choose the right colour grips to match your hair so they’re less visible.

HAIR SPRAY - Perfect for a quick spritz to make sure your style stays perfectly in place. Hairspray is super handy for smoothing away any stubborn hairs.

As an optional extra, I offer a package to stay on for the day and be on hand for any hair and makeup touch ups that you might need, to ensure you stay looking your absolute best all day long! Let me know if you have any other handy tips to have in your bag for your wedding day! Bethany x

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